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Kim Joon-Myun (EXO) - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos of EXO Suho

Suho (which in the Korean language is written with 수호) is a singer, dancer, and also South Korean actor who was born on May 22, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. Suho born with the full name of Kim Joon Myeon (which in the Korean language is written with 김준 면), but after he joined the group called EXO, Kim Joon-myun uses the stage name Suho, so now he is known by many people with the name Suho , or EXO Suho. the nickname Suho EXO this, he has a call unique, ie June Ma Hao, the nickname was first discovered by Tao, Tao is not the Korean people, so when I first went to Korea, Korean Tao yet was good, and he wants pronounce the name "Junmyeon hyung", but that appears is the name "June hao ma", it is becoming the laughingstock of the other members, but other members became interested in this title, and all of them by name instead call Suho June Ma Hao. In Korea, Suho also has its own nickname, nickname that Rich Man. Suho have various nicknames, many of which use their own pr, one of which is Super Junior Kyuhyun who called EXO Suho as Junmyonie-yah.

Suho EXO has a brother whose age is 4 years older than Suho EXO, as brothers and sisters in general, Suho and brother also had a fight, when Suho EXO was junior, Suho a huge fight with her sister, to Suho ran away from home and stay at Sauna ,

Suho EXO is born in the family who do not are too rich, the father Suho EXO is a professor while mother Suho EXO is a math teacher, Suho and his family have lived in Apgujeong-doing, Suho EXO then go to school in one school in Gangnam, and most recently Suho is now studying acting at the Korea National University of Arts, Suho campus there are more than 400 students, but Suho is quite an achievement, of all the disciples, Suho regularly rank the top 50. Since childhood, EXO Suho has had leadership, while still elementary, junior high, EXO Suho always been a class leader, not one that is now itself become Leader EXO-K. Suho EXO is not of the family were very wealthy, but some people call himself is a member of EXO richest, it is because the nature of both Suho always treat members of EXO since they ditrainee, when in fact Suho do this to keep their relationship so that is always good and avoid arguing ,

Suho first audition when she was only about 16 years, SM Entertainment obtain Suho through SM Casting System in 2006 ago and then became a student trainee SM Entertainment, Suho is a member of EXO undergoing training period at the latest, ie for approximately 7 years. And because EXO Suho has been trained for a long time, he has also been close to the seniors, as Jonghyun, Super Junior's Kyuhyun, SHINee's Minho, etc. In the last 2008 Suho appears in the video clip HaHa Song by TVXQ. EXO Suho original name has also been mentioned several times in several albums, like the album Super Junior Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Mr. Simple, Lucifer SHINee album, and the album F (x) Pinocchio.

Suho introduced a member EXO SM Entertainment on February 15, 2012 date, and this Suho later became a member of EXO-K, EXO-K Suho position as Leader. The Members were also salute the leadership possessed this Suho. Member EXO Suho also said that this is the Wise Leader, Responsibility, and Tolerance, although according to the information I got, in the dorm the members ignore Suho as Leader. :D

Suho (EXO) Complete Biography

Nowadays a lot of people who are looking for looking for information about Suho EXO this, and you may also include one of them, they were intrigued by a singer named Suho EXO and search him to his bio, so here I will give information about Suho EXO Complete Bios, of course, this information will be useful for you who are looking for it. Okay just for you who want to know the Complete Biography of EXO Suho this please go see the following full Bios.

Suho (EXO) Profile and Bios

Full Name: Kim Joon-myun (김준면)
Stagename: Suho (수호)
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea Selatan
Date of Birth: 22 May 1991
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Actor
Group: EXO, EXO-K
Position: Leader, Lead Vocal

Suho (EXO) Complete Facts

Some information about Bios of EXO Suho I have given is, but maybe the info Profile of EXO Suho that I have given is still lacking, and you still want information about EXO Suho others, such as EXO Suho date of birth, the cradle of EXO Suho, EXO Suho age, EXO Suho BBM PIN native, EXO Suho Line ID estate, EXO Suho instagram, EXO Suho facebook account, EXO Suho twitter account, religious affiliations of EXO Suho, EXO Suho residence, EXO Suho home address, EXO Suho lover / girlfriend, EXO Suho height, EXO Suho weight, EXO Suho blood type, a wide range of EXO Suho, and various information about EXO Suho others. So here too I give full facts of EXO Suho, which may increase your knowledge about EXO Suho. okay here's a fact of EXO Suho Complete.
  1. The original name of EXO Suho is Kim Joon-myun (in the Korean language is written with 김준면)
  2. Stage name of Kim Joon-myun is Suho (in the Korean language is written with 수호)
  3. EXO Suho was born in Seoul, South Korea
  4. EXO Suho was born on 22 May 1991
  5. Currently (2016) EXO Suho has aged less than 26 years
  6. EXO Suho height is about 176 cm
  7. EXO Suho house is in Apgujeon-dong
  8. EXO Suho blood type is AB
  9. EXO Suho hobbies are Golf and Acting
  10. The name that fans of EXO Suho Aquatics
  11. EXO Suho has a brother who is 4 years older than him
  12. EXO Suho's father is a Professor
  13. EXO Suho mother is a math teacher
  14. EXO Suho studying at Korea National University of Arts
  15. EXO Suho campus there are more than 400 students, and Suho regularly rank 50
  16. EXO Suho like to go to the Han River
  17. EXO Suho favorite food is Sushi
  18. EXO Suho Favorite movie is Pirates of The Carribean
  19. Figures favorite EXO Suho is number 8 (eight)
  20. EXO Suho Favorite Color is the color Purple and Gold
  21. EXO Suho love with Lee Min Jung
  22. EXO Suho motto is "Know Thyself"
  23. Shoe size is about 39-40 EXO Suho
  24. EXO Suho have sharp canine teeth
  25. EXO Suho ideal type of woman is a woman with long hair and likes to read
  26. EXO Suho possession of a dog named Byul
  27. When you feel stress, EXO Suho read a book to eliminate the stress that
  28. EXO Suho very fond Khanom Chan
  29. EXO Suho liked the song titled 4men Baby Baby
  30. EXO Suho very adept at creating Honey Water
  31. EXO Suho has a habit of trying to vote with 'ah!'
  32. EXO Suho is a fan of Super Junior, TVXQ and SHINee
  33. When he was a junior, EXO Suho had a fight with his brother and go out of the house, stay in the sauna
  34. Since still in elementary school, junior high, EXO Suho always been a class leader
  35. EXO Suho has double eyelis and white skin
  36. EXO Suho favorite music is funcky Rock
  37. EXO Suho really like cycling
  38. EXO Suho it has a friendly personality
  39. EXO Suho mempounyai athletic body
  40. ABS Suho EXO pretty good
  41. EXO Suho first auditioned when about 16 years old
  42. EXO Suho obtained by SM via Street Casting
  43. Suho joined SM Casting System in 2006
  44. Before debut, EXO Suho has appeared as a cameo in mv SHINee - Replay
  45. In 2007, EXO Suho appeared in Super Junior, Attack on The Pins Up Boys
  46. Suho, Kai and Chanyeonl never appeared in Song HAHA along with TVXQ
  47. EXO Suho never played the movie along with SNSD Yoona
  48. EXO Suho still often nervous when speaking in front of the camera
  49. EXO Suho very close to Suju Kyuhyun, SHINee's Minho, and also Jonghyun
  50. Super Junior's Kyuhyun mentioned Suho dialbum Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Mr. Simple
  51. SHINee Minho's name Lucifer Suho dialbum
  52. Amber and Krystal f (x) the name Suho dialbum Pinocchio
  53. Suho can imitate the sound of SHINee Jonghyun dilagu Love Like Oxygen
  54. EXO Suho had praised Krystal f (x) is gorgeous
  55. EXO Suho will undergo compulsory military service (conscription) in 2020
  56. EXO Suho have nicknames Rich Man in Korea
  57. According to him, part of the body Suho most interesting is his
  58. Before debut Suho often treat the members and chat with each other to maintain relationships
  59. Suho is a member of EXO longest undergo a period of training
  60. EXO Suho located in SM Entertainment trainee for about 7 years
  61. When trained, foot Suho been injured and he was very sad about it
  62. Suho is the first member SM Entertainment is prepared to become a member of EXO
  63. EXO Suho often lost in playing games
  64. Name Suho introduced SM entertianment diurutan 10 during EXO teaser
  65. EXO Suho introduced as a member of EXO on the date February 15, 2012
  66. Suho is one of the members of EXO-K
  67. In EXO-K, Suho position as Leader and Lead Vocalist
  68. In EXO-K, Suho is 'Appa'
  69. Suho is EXO-K members who are preparing very end when morning
  70. Suho is a member of EXO-K that have most excellent Mandarin language skills than other members
  71. Suho is a member of EXO-K which is quite bad dance skills
  72. Phone numbers stored dihanphone member EXO Suho, given the additional word 'uri' before the name member
  73. EXO Suho one room with Sehun
  74. EXO Suho never had lunch with Kris in LA
  75. In EXO Suho has the smallest shoe size than the other members
  76. EXO Luhan Suho liked since first seeing
  77. EXO Suho close to all the members of EXO
  78. Luhan Suho never hugged tightly to prove that Luhan was not awkward with Suho
  79. Suho and Kris is a member of EXO secrets than most other members
  80. Suho Sehun say that it is a good leader, he will keep Sehun when sehur sleep
  81. EXO Suho is often said to be similar to Super Junior's Siwon
  82. EXO Suho often buy food to members of EXO
  83. Suho had bought bubble tea to Baekhyun
  84. KAI EXO Suho never drove to the hospital, when Kai injury
  85. Didorm, the members of EXO always ignore what was said by their leader, Suho
  86. EXO Suho and Kai never be MC Mnet Countdown
  87. Suho and Do Kyung-soo is the shortest member of EXO
  88. Suho and Sehun been scrambling door
  89. EXO Suho not like the cold while Sehun not like the heat
  90. When in London, EXO Suho always on hand berpergangan Sehun
  91. Saar in London, EXO Suho once nearly fell into the trash
  92. EXO Suho has had leadership qualities since childhood
  93. According EXO Suho, the value of leadership is 7.8
  94. EXO Suho members said that it was a wise leader, responsibility and patience
  95. EXO Suho and Baekhyun be MC SBS Inkigayo in 2014
  96. EXO Suho Twitter account is ** not known
  97. EXO Suho Instagram account  is ** not known
  98. EXO Suho contact numb. is ** not known
  99. Line ID of EXO Suho is ** not known

Suho (EXO) Latest Photo Collection

In order for articles about EXO Suho is more complete again, below I also give various latest photographs of EXO Suho, where the photos I got from various sources such as Photos of Suho in MV EXO, photos of EXO Suho From Instagram, EXO Suho Pictures from Twitter, EXO Suho image from Google Image, Pict of EXO Suho on Facebook, and Photos of EXO Suho a variety of other sources. So with this I hope you can get a variety latest photos of Suho member of EXO, such as photos of EXO Suho Time of Child, Latest Photos of EXO Suho 2017, EXO Suho Photos Without Make Up,  EXO Suho photo before the famous, EXO Suho photos when he was young, and photographs of EXO Suho others. Various photos of EXO Suho shared here, so just look at some of the EXO Suho Latest Photos below.

Suho EXO Latest Photos
EXO Suho Latest Photos

Suho EXO Photos in the stage
EXO Suho Photos in the stage

Suho EXO Handsome Photos in 2017
Suho EXO Handsome Photos on 2017

Suho EXO Latest Selca Photos
Suho EXO Latest Selca Photos

EXO Suho Latest Image Picture
EXO Suho Latest Image Picture

Cute Photos of EXO Suho
Cute Photos of EXO Suho

Handsome Photos of EXO Suho
Handsome Photos of EXO Suho

Photos of EXO Suho on 2017
Photos of EXO Suho on 2017

Hairstyle of EXO Suho
Hairstyle of EXO Suho

Photos of EXO Suho with Blonde Hairstyle
Photos of EXO Suho with Blonde Hairstyle

Suho (EXO) Profile and Latest Photos

That's a wide range of information about EXO Suho to admin board and administrators to share with all of you, all the information that administrators know about Suho EXO is I wrote it all over, ranging from Profile of EXO Suho, Biography Suho EXO, Bios Suho EXO, Facts Suho EXO, Photographs Suho EXO, and all information about Suho EXO admin know have admin gave everything, so pretty samapai here articles about Bios and photos Suho EXO Recent this time, hopefully this article can be useful for everyone, and thank you for wishing to visit to this Biotist blog.
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