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Zhang Yixing (EXO) - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos EXO Lay

Lay is a Chinese singer who was born in October 7, 1991 in Changsha, Hunan, China. Lay was born with the full name of Zhang Yixing (which in Chinese Traditional written: 張 藝 興 / whereas in Chinese Simplified written: 张 艺 兴). Zhang Yixing is his real name, but now, after he entered as a member of EXO, himself famous by his stage name Lay, or little known by the name of Lay EXO. Stage name Lay is the name given by the grandfather Lay EXO, Lay EXO has several nicknames, such as a child he often being called Big Head, and now he is often called by the name Xing Tuo and Lay, but some people have a title of its own EXO Lay to call this, like Chen who called Lay by name Xingxing hyung, while Lay call chen as Chenchen.

Lay EXO very loving grandfather and grandmother, even as a child, Lay EXO followed in the contest and he said he had won, the prize will be given to his grandmother, grandmother to be used for treatment. Lay joined by SM Entertainment in 2008 ago through a system of casting, then lay new age of about 17 years, and Lay became a student trainee SM Entertainment shared trainee other, in an SM Entertainment trainee's Lay trained in singing, dancing and acting, Lay also worked as a backup dancer for the group SHINee. After some training, then debut along with EXO Lay, Lay was introduced as a member of the 6th EXO by SM Entertainment. then Lay plays as Lead Dance in EXO-M. EXO-M is a sub-group of EXO where the letter 'M' on the EXO-M means Mandarin, so the group EXO-M is a group of singers devoted to be marketed in China.

Lay is a person who comes from China, and the first time in Korea, the first to help Lay is Kris. Lay said he particularly liked Lee Soo Man, surely you already know the one who was Lee Soo Man, he was CEO of SM Entertainment, Lay was also very wanted to buy and eat together with Lee Soo Man. Lay is anggot of EXO-M are focused on the Chinese market. First, if in China, Lay EXO is a single room with Luhan, Lay EXO and Luhan very close, in fact they've seen was wearing a shirt, jacket, shoes and bags are the same, while that in Korea, Lay EXO is a single room with Chen. Lay EXO is really like and are used to hugging and kissing each other EXO members.

EXO Lay Complete Biography

Nowadays a lot of people who are looking for looking for information about Lay EXO this, and you may also include one of them, they were intrigued by a singer named Lay EXO and search him to his bio, so here I will give information about Bios of Lay EXO Complete, of course, this information will be useful for you who are looking for it. Okay just for you who want to know the Complete Biography of EXO Lay this please go see the following full Bios.

EXO Lay Profile and Bios

Full Name: Zhang Yixing (張藝興 / 张艺兴)
Nickname: Lay EXO
Place of Birth: Changsha, Hunan, China
Date of Birth: 7 October 1991
Occupation: Singer and Dancer
Group: EXO (EXO-M)
Position: Lead Dancer

EXO Lay Complete Facts

Some information about Bios of EXO Lay I have given is, but maybe the info Profile of EXO Lay that I have given is still lacking, and you still want information about EXO Lay others, such as EXO Lay date of birth, the cradle of EXO Lay, EXO Lay age, EXO Lay BBM PIN native, EXO Lay Line ID estate, EXO Lay instagram,  facebook account, EXO Lay twitter account, religious affiliations of EXO Lay, EXO Lay residence, EXO Lay home address, EXO Lay lover / boyfriend, EXO Lay height,  weight, EXO Lay blood type, a wide range of EXO Lay, and various information about EXO Lay others. So here too I give full facts of EXO Lay, which may increase your knowledge about EXO Lay. okay here's a fact of EXO Lay Complete.
  1. The original name of EXO Lay is Zhang Yixing (張藝興 / 张艺兴) (in the Chinnese language is written with 张艺兴)
  2. Stage name of Zhang Yixing is Lay
  3. Zhang Yixing often called by the name Xing Tuo or Lay
  4. As a child Lay EXO often being called Big Head
  5. Chen likes to call Lay EXO by name Xingxing hyung
  6. EXO Lay was born in Changsha, Hunan, China
  7. EXO Lay was born on 7 October 1991
  8. Currently (2017) EXO Lay has aged less than 26 years
  9. EXO Lay height is about 179 cm
  10. EXO Lay weight of around 60 kg
  11. EXO Lay blood type is A
  12. Lay EXO zodiac is Libra
  13. Lay EXO confessional Christian
  14. Lay EXO like to sleep on the floor, because the floor he will feel colder
  15. Lay EXO ideal type of woman is a beautiful woman, cute and affectionate
  16. Lay EXO has a habit of biting the finger
  17. Lay EXO is a lover of Japanese culture and fashion
  18. If you're stressed, EXO Lay will get away and be alone
  19. In addition, if the stress Lay EXO will bathe and sing
  20. Lay EXO do not like spicy food
  21. Lay EXO Like with all genres of music
  22. EXO Lay has said that members of SNSD Taeyeon the most beautiful is
  23. Lay EXO like to wear sleeveless T-shirt
  24. Lay EXO has a gentle voice
  25. Lay EXO often and like to wear socks
  26. If there is no activity, Lay EXO will cook
  27. Lay EXO often and like to wear masks
  28. Dishes are often cooked Lay EXO is fried rice
  29. Lay EXO very unhappy if his neck touched
  30. Clothing worn Lay EXO always untidy
  31. Lay EXO most backpack collection is the product of MCM
  32. Lay EXO never not come home for one and a half years
  33. Lay EXO is very good at playing the piano
  34. Lay EXO never piano lessons
  35. Lay EXO learn to play the piano itself according to what he heard
  36. Lay EXO also can not read music piano
  37. Lay EXO also good at playing the guitar
  38. When the interview, Lay EXO always answered with a plain and very honest
  39. Lay EXO often and love song composer
  40. When Lay EXO composer of songs, usually assisted by Kris who helped her section Rapp
  41. EXO Lay song creation that is not published there are already many
  42. Although the song Lay EXO not published, but he has been very happy if it had been heard by the other members of EXO
  43. Lay EXO really liked snacking
  44. Lay EXO also like Junk Food
  45. Lay EXO very affectionate with her grandmother
  46. Small time Lay EXO followed in the contest and said that if he wins would give the prize to his grandmother to be used for treatment
  47. EXO Lay favorite sentence is Keyi Ma? and Can I?
  48. According to Lay EXO all the food looks delicious
  49. Lay EXO is keen to collaborate with Henry Super Junior
  50. Lay EXO also want to learn a lot from Henry Suju
  51. When Lay EXO was sleeping, looks like a dead man
  52. Lay EXO also very difficult to be woken
  53. Lay EXO is a student Nunan Normal University High School
  54. EXO Lay anniversary in 2011 is a very memorable birthday for him
  55. Lay EXO love to play basketball
  56. When traveling, Lay EXO do not forget to bring mobile phones, wallets, and handbags
  57. Lay EXO has Bleed disease and Hemophilia Disorder
  58. Lay EXO can not arbitrarily accept blood tranfuse
  59. If Lay EXO bleeding, then blood will be kept out of his skin
  60. 2004 ago Lay EXO perform tonsillectomy
  61. Lay EXO coma for several days after the operation
  62. Lay EXO has dimples
  63. Long ago, in China, Lay EXO is a little artist
  64. Lay EXO start ditrainee SM Entertainment since 2008
  65. Lay EXO started to become a trainee BC when he was about 17 years old
  66. Currently in Korea, the first to help Lay EXO is Kris
  67. EXO Lay has said that very fond CEO SM Entertainment (Lee Soo Man)
  68. Lay EXO also very like to eat together and treat Lee Soo Man
  69. Lay is a member of EXO originating from China
  70. Lay is a member of EXO-M
  71. Lay in EXO-M EXO plays as Lead Dancer
  72. Lay EXO is a member of the 6th introduced by SM Entertainment
  73. Long ago, in China, Lay EXO one room with Luhan
  74. In Korea, EXO Lay one room with Chen
  75. Lay EXO call with the name Chen Chenchen
  76. Lay is a member of EXO most often forget
  77. Lay is a member of EXO most professional
  78. Lay EXO and EXO Sehun never do papero kiss up to touch the lips
  79. Lay EXO very close to Luhan
  80. EXO Lay and Luhan never wear shirts, jackets, bags, and shoes the same
  81. EXO-K members most liked Lay is Baekhyun
  82. Lay EXO also really want to go home grandmother Baekhyun
  83. Lay EXO EXO is a member of the most talented than the other members
  84. Lay is a member of EXO liked and often bent 90 degrees
  85. Lay EXO also often pose saranghae to the fans
  86. Lay EXO often hug and kiss other EXO members
  87. According to other EXO members, Lay is a member often acting strangely / has 4D
  88. In 2005, Lay EXO ever followed the TV show Star Academy and get a 3rd place
  89. In the MAMA album, favorite songs Lay EXO is Two Moons
  90. Lay never cried when EXO managed to get awards
  91. Chanyeol said that the difference Lay dance and dance Lay Kai is more powerful, while Kai more Smooth dance
  92. If Lay EXO EXO not become members, he will be the Player Piano or Music Producer
  93. Lay often get protection from the other members of EXO
  94. If EXO after the concert, is a member of EXO Lay out the final stage
  95. In each event, Lay EXO often designated to display the ability Dance, piano or his guitar
  96. When I first saw Kris Lay, he thought that Lay was cute and funny people
  97. EXO Lay Twitter account is ** not known
  98. EXO Lay Instagram account is ** not known
  99. EXO Lay contact numb. is ** not known
  100. Line ID of EXO Lay is ** not known

EXO Lay Latest Photo Collection

In order for articles about EXO Lay is more complete again, below I also give various latest photographs of EXO Lay, where the photos I got from various sources such as Photos of Lay in MV EXO, photos of EXO Lay From Instagram, EXO Lay Pictures from Twitter, EXO Lay image from Google Image, Pict of EXO Lay on Facebook, and Photos of EXO Lay a variety of other sources. So with this I hope you can get a variety latest photos of Lay member of EXO, such as photos of EXO Lay Time of Child, Latest Photos of EXO Lay 2017, EXO Lay Photos Without Make Up,  EXO Lay photo before the famous, EXO Lay photos when he was young, and photographs of EXO Lay others. Various photos of EXO Lay shared here, so just look at some of the EXO Lay Latest Photos below.

Latest Photos Of EXO Lay
Latest Photos Of EXO Lay

Cute Photos Of EXO Lay
Cute Photos Of EXO Lay

Photos Of EXO Lay wearing a Hat
Photos Of EXO Lay wearing a Hat

Photos Of EXO Lay wearing a Glasses
Photos Of EXO Lay wearing a Glasses

EXO Lay Latest Photos
EXO Lay Latest Photos

Lay of EXO Latest Photos in 2017
Lay of EXO Latest Photos in 2017

Lay of EXO Latest Image and Picture
Lay of EXO Latest Image and Picture

Lay of EXO-M Selca Photos - Selfie Picture
Lay of EXO-M Selca Photos - Selfie Picture

Lay of EXO-M Handsome Photos
Lay of EXO-M Handsome Photos

EXO-M Lay Latest Image Picture and Photos
EXO-M Lay Latest Image Picture and Photos

EXO Lay Profile and Latest Photos

That's a wide range of information about Lay EXO to admin board and administrators to share with all of you, all the information that administrators know about Lay EXO is I wrote it all over, ranging from Profile Lay EXO, Biography Lay EXO, Bios Lay EXO, Facts Lay EXO, Photographs Lay EXO, and all information about Lay EXO admin know have admin gave everything, so pretty samapai here articles about Bios and Photos Lay EXO Recent this time, hopefully this article can be useful for everyone, and thank you for wishing to visit this Biotist blog.
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