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Kim Min-Seok (EXO) - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos of EXO Xiumin

Xiu Min (in the Korean language is written with 시우 민) is a singer, dancer and actor from South Korea who was born on March 26, 1990 in South Korea, Xiumin born with their full name Kim Min-seok (in the Korean language was written by: 김민석). Yaps, Kim Min-seok is the full name or birth name, but now he is better known as Xiumin or EXO Xiumin after he joined the group of singers called EXO. Xiumin have nicknames varied, one there who called him by name Bao-zi (bun) which mentions in use because Xiumin has cheeks plump, although lately Xiumin already looked thinner than ever, but Xiumin was very fond food and hard to diet, whatever happens. While fans Xiumin that of China had to call her "Lil 'Fattle", and even Amber, one of the members of f (x) is also calling Xiumin as its own, namely "Minseokle-oppa". And there are still some nicknames again used to call Xiumin, Xiumin So essentially it has a lot of nicknames: D.

Xiumin into SM Entertainment through SM Everysing Contest held in the year 2008, in this contest Xiumin won the second, and then Xiumin became an SM Entertainment trainee, here Xiumin practicing dancing, singing is also acting. Xiumin trained for about 4 years, and then became a member of EXO debut. Xiumin who dreams of becoming an architect has now become an idol. Xiumin also has said that he does not debut with EXO and not become idol itself may already be an architect, and he will become a fan of Kris, Xiumin like Kris because it has a body that tall and strong.

Xiumin is one member of the group boyband called EXO, so now he is also known by the name EXO Xiumin, Xiumin is a member of EXO oldest, even so he still looks young and visits from his face he was younger than his age, even Luhan time first met assume Xiumin younger than himself. Xiumin EXO is incorporated in group EXO-M which here Xiumin EXO plays as Lead Dancer and Lead Vocal, as we know that the group EXO is divided into two parts, the EXO-K and EXO-M, which EXO-K ( ' K 'here means Korea) have focused on the South Korean music industry, while EXO-M (' M 'here means Mandarin) is focused on the Chinese music industry. And Xiumin is incorporated in group EXO-M, although Xiumin EXO is from Korea but he joined in EXO-M are active in China, and Xiumin is one of two members of EXO-M who came from South Korea, because it comes from Korea, Xiumin EXO is not yet fluent in Mandarin, and dirinyapun also realized it, he admitted that he was the best of his ability to speak Mandarin worse than other members of EXO-M.

In the past, Xiumin EXO is very close to Luhan, he would often play football and then eat together, while still ditrainee, Xiumin who taught Luhan in the Korean language, and when it became a member of EXO-M and when EXO is in China, Luhan be translator for Xiumin. Additionally Xiumin EXO is also close to other members, such as Baekhyun, Tao, etc. Xiumin also a member EXO Suho confidence, Xiumin into the vent of Suho, Suho sometimes can not tell the other members but Suho can tell everything to Xiumin.

EXO Xiumin hobbies are playing football, in 2013 ago, Xiumin EXO also be a soccer player who represented Korea, EXO Xiumin along with SHINee's Minho and other football players representing Korea in football match in Shanghai for the 2013 Asian Dream Cup.

Xiumin EXO has also become one of the members of the sub-unit first EXO, the Sub-unit first EXO named EXO-CBX which was announced by SM Entertainment on October 5, 2016, the sub-unit is composed of three members, namely Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin, which is where the name of the EXO-CBX CBX was also taken from their prefix letters.

EXO Xiumin Complete Biography

Xiumin EXO now it has had a lot of fans around the world, and many people are looking for information about him, one of which is information regarding Biodata Xiumin EXO, be it fans of EXO Xiumin or not, a lot of people who were looking for it, and you might as well including one of them, so here I give some information about EXO Xiumin Biography, okay just for you who want to know information about Complete Biography of EXO Xiumin this please go to the following information.

Xiumin (EXO) Profile and Bios

Full Name: Kim Min-seok ( 김민석 )
Nickname: Xiumin ( 시우민 )
Place of Birth: Korea Selatan
Date of Birth: 26 March 1990
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Actor
Group: EXO (EXO-M and EXO-CBX)
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal

Xiumin (EXO) Complete Facts

Some information about Bios of EXO Xiumin I have given is, but maybe the information of EXO Xiumin Profile that I have given is still lacking, and you still want information about EXO Xiumin others, such as EXO Xiumin date of birth, the cradle of EXO Xiumin, EXO Xiumin age, EXO Xiumin BBM PIN native, EXO Xiumin Line ID estate, EXO Xiumin instagram, EXO Xiumin facebook account, EXO Xiumin twitter account, religious affiliations EXO Xiumin, EXO Xiumin residence, EXO Xiumin home address, EXO Xiumin lover / boyfriend, EXO Xiumin height, EXO Xiumin weight, EXO Xiumin blood type, a wide range of EXO Xiumin, and various information about EXO Xiumin others. So here too I give full facts of EXO Xiumin, which may increase your knowledge about EXO Xiumin. okay here's a Complete fact of EXO Xiumin.
  1. The original name of EXO Xiumin is Kim Min-seok (in the Korean language is written with 김민석)
  2. Stage name of Kim Min-seok is Xiumin (in the Korean language is written with 시우민)
  3. EXO Xiumin was born in South Korea
  4. EXO Xiumin was born on 26 March 1990
  5. Currently (2017) EXO Xiumin has aged less than 27 years old
  6. EXO Xiumin blood type is B
  7. EXO Xiumin height is about 173 cm
  8. Xiumin EXO got a nickname Bao Zi (bun) because it has plump cheeks
  9. Another talent possessed Xiumin EXO is Taek Won Do and fending
  10. EXO Xiumin hobby is playing football
  11. Xiumin EXO has said that his talents were shouting
  12. EXO Xiumin idolized singer named JJ Lin / Lin Junjie
  13. Xiumin EXO also idolized singer Jay Chou
  14. Xiumin Wushu master, Taek won do, and Fencing
  15. EXO Xiumin wanted a girl who could be embraced and comforted him
  16. Xiumin EXO has a younger sister who was born in 1992
  17. Xiumin EXO has a childish personality
  18. EXO Xiumin favorite cartoon is a Baby Huiy and Spongebob
  19. Ideals Xiumin EXO that wants to be an architect
  20. Xiumin EXO really liked the food and it is difficult to told to diet
  21. EXO Xiumin very like dance and sing
  22. Xiumin EXO has a very good dance skills
  23. EXO Xiumin most liked and often shout
  24. When Xiumin EXO scream too loudly, to the next morning his voice will be lost
  25. EXO Xiumin is male neat and clean
  26. EXO Xiumin always folding clothes, like new clothes bought
  27. EXO Xiumin do not have a special way of expressing love
  28. EXO Xiumin keep his skin by always drink water and sleep regularly
  29. Goods are always carried by Xiumin EXO is Wallets
  30. Xiumin has said that is not shared with EXO debut, he will become fans Kris
  31. In addition, if not become an idol, Xiumin would become an architect or someone who cleans house
  32. Many people say that it is similar to EXO Xiumin with Raccoon Kids
  33. 3 EXO Xiumin said there had idolized soccer player, Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard and Didier Drogba
  34. Xiumin EXO has two dolls rulakkuma, namely Bear with Pororo
  35. EXO Xiumin been a real football player
  36. In the past, Xiumin EXO has chubby cheeks, but lately she became emaciated
  37. EXO Xiumin close to members VIXX
  38. Before debut, EXO Xiumin never danced with Greg and Lay
  39. EXO Xiumin love Coffee
  40. Xiumin EXO really want to be a Bartender
  41. EXO Xiumin been a bartender in the celebrity
  42. EXO Xiumin favorite song is "Said Good Bye - Jay Chou"
  43. Amber f (x) call Xiumin EXO as Minseokle-oppa
  44. Xiumin is one of the members of EXO-M
  45. Xiumin EXO and EXO Chen is a member of EXO-M who came from South Korea
  46. In Mandarin pronunciation, Xiumin EXO felt worst than other members of EXO-M
  47. Xiumin position in EXO is a dance and Vocal Leader
  48. EXO Xiumin ditrainee SM Entertainment for about 4 years
  49. Xiumin introduced as a member EXO SM Entertainment on January 26, 2012
  50. Xiumin EXO is a member seventh SM Reveal
  51. In BC Everysing Contest held in 2008, won the second Xiumin
  52. EXO Xiumin close to a member of Super Junior-M, Henry
  53. When I was in the trainee, Xiumin EXO is a member that served to wake the other members
  54. According to all the members of EXO, member of the most amusing or fad is Xiumin
  55. Lay said that Xiumin EXO looks very funny when moving his head left or right
  56. EXO-M members say that Xiumin EXO looks very cute when you're laughing
  57. When Xiumin EXO laugh, he always shook his head
  58. EXO members were in idolakan Xiumin EXO is Kris, as tall and handsome
  59. Luhan said that Xiumin EXO is smiling, his face will be round and looks cute
  60. EXO Xiumin face and Sohee Wonder Girl looks similar
  61. Xiumin EXO also admitted that her face is similar to Wonder Girls Sohee
  62. Time in trainees, Xiumin native Koreans regard Luhan
  63. Time Tao not understand Korean, he had called Xiumin as Oppa
  64. Luhan often the translator Xiumin when EXO is in China
  65. Time in trainees, Xiumin teach Korean language Luhan
  66. Xiumin EXO Luhan choose a member of the most powerful
  67. Xiumin Luhan EXO and often mutually kick butt
  68. EXO Xiumin can squeeze the towel until almost dry up
  69. According Xiumin, member of EXO most lazy is Kris
  70. According Xiumin, member of EXO most lazy waking is Luhan
  71. Xiumin EXO EXO Chen roommate
  72. Xiumin want EXO hold solo concerts around the world
  73. Xiumin is the oldest member of EXO
  74. When I first met Xiumin, Luhan thought that Xiumin younger than him
  75. EXO Xiumin said that his mother once said to not stand by Kris and Tao, because it will look shorter Xiumin
  76. In the dorm, Xiumin EXO wearing blankets wolf pictures
  77. In China, Xiumin EXO has the nickname "Lil 'Fattle" given by the fans
  78. Xiumin EXO has a fanboy of China
  79. Xiumin EXO say love songs in the album MAMA MAMA for catchy songs
  80. If you get bored of time in the dorm, Xiumin be embraced by Tao
  81. Time in Wekly Idol, Xiumin EXO won the High Note
  82. Xiumin EXO has said that Kyungsoo cuter than him
  83. For Xiumin, EXO-K is a mentor
  84. According Xiumin, member of EXO most wolf that is Tao
  85. Xiumin is a member of EXO that have the most wide forehead
  86. Xiumin is a member of EXO's most trusted by Suho
  87. Xiumin EXO and Tao close enough
  88. Disebuah intervie event, Xiumin EXO been feeding Tao
  89. Xiumin EXO also close to Baekhyun EXO
  90. Xiumin never pull Luhan when asked to demonstrate how to give artificial breathing
  91. When birthdays, Xiumin EXO never get a kiss from all members of EXO
  92. EXO Xiumin Twitter account is ** not known
  93. EXO Xiumin Instagram account  is ** not known
  94. EXO Xiumin contact numb. is ** not known
  95. Line ID of EXO Xiumin is ** not known

Xiumin (EXO) Latest Photo Collection

In order for articles about EXO Xiumin is more complete again, below I also give various latest photographs of EXO Xiumin, where the photos I got from various sources such as Photos of Xiumin in MV EXO, photos of EXO Xiumin From Instagram, EXO Xiumin Pictures from Twitter, EXO Xiumin image from Google Image, Pict of EXO Xiumin on Facebook, and Photos of EXO Xiumin a variety of other sources. So with this I hope you can get a variety latest photos of Xiumin member of EXO, such as photos of EXO Xiumin Time of Child, Latest Photos of EXO Xiumin 2016, EXO Xiumin Photos Without Make Up,  EXO Xiumin photo before the famous, EXO Xiumin photos when he was young, and photographs of EXO Xiumin others. Various photos of EXO Xiumin shared here, so just look at some of EXO Xiumin Latest Photos below.

EXO Xiumin Latest Photos
EXO Xiumin Latest Photos

EXO Xiumin Photos Singing on the stage
EXO Xiumin Photos Singing on the stage

EXO Xiumin Cute Photos in 2017
EXO Xiumin Cute Photos in 2017

Latest Photos of EXO Xiumin
Latest Photos of EXO Xiumin

Cute Latest Picture of EXO Xiumin
Cute Latest Picture of EXO Xiumin

EXO Xiumin Latest Image in 2017
EXO Xiumin Latest Image in 2017

Photos of EXO Xiumin was Sleeping
Photos of EXO Xiumin was Sleeping

Photos of EXO Xiumin wearing a glasses
Cute Photos of EXO Xiumin wearing a glasses

Photos of EXO Xiumin Latest
Photos of EXO Xiumin Latest

EXO Xiumin New Photos and Images

Xiumin (EXO) Profile and Latest Photos

That's a wide range of information about EXO Xiumin to admin board and administrators to share with all of you, all the information that administrators know about Xiumin EXO is I wrote it all over, ranging from Profile Xiumin EXO, Biography Xiumin EXO, Bios Xiumin EXO, Facts Xiumin EXO, Photographs Xiumin EXO, and all information about Xiumin EXO admin know have admin gave everything, so until here articles about Bios and photos Xiumin EXO Recent this time, hopefully this article can be useful for everyone, and thank you for wishing to visit Biotist blog to this.
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