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Jimin BTS - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos Bangtan Boys Park Ji Min

Jimin BTS is a singer and dancer who comes from South Korea, Jimin was born on October 13, 1995 in Busan, South Korea. Jimin BTS is still very young, this year (2016) Jimin BTS aged about 21 years, so it is still very young, and still very cute. Jimin BTS born with their full name Park Ji Min or in Korean is written with 박지민, Jimin often called by the name Chim Chim, Dolly, or Park Jimine, but now he is familiar with Jimin alone. Jimin now a member of the group singers Bangtan Boys, or also known as BTS, so Jimin nowadays also known as Jimin BTS, originally Jimin suggested to use a stage name, some of the suggested name is Baby G, Baby J, and Young Kid, but eventually Jimin using his real name as his stage name, ie Jimin.

Jimin of BTS is a fan of Big Bang and Big Bang member who idolized BTS Jimin is Taeyang, BTS Jimin love songs, karaoke when he would often sing Taeyang Only Look At Me. Time Jimin BTS are still in junior high school, she aspires to become a Chef and police, but his ideals have changed after BTS Jimin in high school, high school Jimin of BTS aspires to become a singer, BTS Jimin started interested in being an artist after he saw the appearance of Rain. Jimin of BTS go to an art school in Busan and entered in the department of Modern Dance, here was Jimin BTS began studying dance and sing, and when the school here also Jimin audition for record company suggested by the teacher. Jimin later became part of BigHit Entertainment, here Jimin began to be trained as a Trainee BigHit, and in 2013 the boy group called Bangtan Boys began performing to the public, Bangtan Boys began known to the public, the group also known as the BTS, and the group consisting of 7 members, one of which is Jimin, six other members, namely Rap Monster, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, Jin and V.

Bangtan Boys began to attract the attention of many people with great songs they, along with singers and dancers who are still very young and handsomes made Boy Group is gaining fans are many, in one MV BTS entitled No More Dream, Jimin BTS looks the most prominent and most interesting because in this music video featuring ABS her Jimin BTS (stomach muscle), initially she was very nervous when he first told to display the ABS her, but after knowing the audience is greeted by happy Jimin BTS began to be confident. BTS Jimin always keep his stomach muscles, in Jimin BTS is the most stringent in the affairs of the Diet, he was also very unhappy if someone says that gained weight. Jimin in the BTS, including members of the abiding and enterprising, Jimin of BTS always practice every day, he's a lot more practice than to sleep, even he often just sleep in 3 hours each day, but even so, once observed various appearances BTS stage instead Jimin, did most of the errors of the members of the other (perhaps less sleep min Jimin ,, so lacking focus :D)

Jimin BTS Complete Biography

Jimin BTS fans now so is a lot that are spread throughout the country, and every day is a fan of Jimin BTS will continue to grow given the Boy BTS Group is also increasingly popular with songs that are catchy. So looking for info on Bios Fact, and photos Jimin BTS this is probably also so is a lot, and here are some information about Jimin BTS needs to know the fans Jimin BTS

Jimin BTS Profile and Bios

Real name : Park Ji Min (박지민)
Stage name : Jimin (지민)
Place and Date of Birth : Busan, South Korea, October 13, 1995
Occupation : Singer and Dancer
Group : BTS or Bangtan Boys (방탄 소년단 / Bangtan Sonyeondan / Bulletproff Boy Scout)
Position : Main Vocals, Dancer

Jimin BTS Complete Facts

Jimin BTS Fact - Various Facts Jimin BTS may also be many who are looking for him, because he wanted to know the info about Jimin BTS others, such as Jimin BTS date of birth, Jimin BTS birth place, Jimin BTS age, Jimin BTS BBM PIN, Jimin BTS Line Id, Jimin BTS instagram accounts, Jimin BTS facebook account, Jimin BTS twitter account, Jimin BTS religious affiliations, Jimin BTS residence, Jimin BTS home address, Jimin BTS lover / girlfriend, Jimin BTS height, Jimin BTS weight, Jimin BTS blood type, and many questions about Jimin other base stations.
  1. Real name Jimin BTS is Park Ji Min (Hangul: 박지민)
  2. Jimin BTS is often called by the name Chim Chim, Dolly, or Park Jimine
  3. Jimin BTS was born in Busan, South Korea
  4. Jimin BTS born on October 13, 1995
  5. This year (2016) Jimin BTS age of approximately 21 years
  6. BTS Jimin blood type is A
  7. Jimin BTS height is 175cm
  8. BTS Jimin weight is 61kg
  9. BTS is Libra zodiac Jimin
  10. Figures / numbers that BTS Jimin favorite 3
  11. Jimin BTS Favorite Color is the color Light Blue and Black color
  12. Favorite Food Jimin BTS namely meat (such as beef, chicken, etc.) and Stew Kimchi jjigae
  13. Favorite items Jimin BTS namely Bandana, Snapback (New Era)
  14. Hobbies Jimin BTS that is drawing, dancing, martial arts, video games
  15. BTS Jimin often bathed with a bandana around his neck
  16. Jimin BTS was like Bananas
  17. Jimin BTS mempumyai a brother
  18. Jimin BTS is a fan of Big Bang
  19. Big Bang members most liked Jimin BTS is Taeyang
  20. If Jimin BTS she would often sing karaoke Taeyang titled Only look at me
  21. Love Jimin BTS ever unrequited
  22. Jimin BTS also liked the cool weather sunny
  23. When SMP Jimin BTS aspire to be a cook and police
  24. Ideals Jimin transformed BTS wants to become a singer after he entered high school
  25. Jimin BTS became very interested in being an artist after seeing the Rain
  26. Jimin BTS is a hard worker
  27. In high school Jimin BTS go to art college and majored in Busan Modern Dance
  28. Jimin BTS auditioned BigHit as suggested by the teacher
  29. Jimin BTS at the audition was very nervous and was shaking as opening the door to sing
  30. Despite the shaking, but time Jimin BTS dance very confident
  31. Jimin BTS when trainees are often studied until dawn
  32. When it Jimin BTS also often only slept three hours in a day
  33. All members agreed that Jimin BTS BTS is a member of the most well
  34. Jimin ideal girl type of BTS that women are good-hearted, cute, charming, and shorter than him
  35. If Jimin BTS already have a boyfriend, she wanted to walk around holding hands
  36. Rather than changing hairstyles, Jimin BTS prefer to wear earrings
  37. Jimin BTS has four piercings
  38. If Jimin BTS hear the music he will dance
  39. At BTS, Jimin closest to V BTS
  40. If there is a problem Jimin BTS will tell to V BTS (Kim Taehyung)
  41. Jimin BTS BTS is one member who used his real name as a stage name
  42. Jimin BTS originally suggested using J Baby, Baby G, Young Kid, etc. as a stage name
  43. Jimin BTS never written lyrics, and given to the BTS Suga, suga but said that it was a children's song
  44. According to the BTS Jimin, Jimin charm was found in his eyes
  45. According Jimin BTS, happy condition yatu Love, Money and Stage
  46. Jimin BTS BTS is a member of the most frequent mistakes when performing
  47. Jimin BTS BTS is a member of the most stringent in terms of diet
  48. Jimin BTS always keep his stomach muscles (ABS) to always look good
  49. Jimin is a member of BTS's obedient
  50. When Halloween Jimin BTS wants to wear dinosaur costume
  51. In Dorm, Jimin BTS one room with J-Hope and V
  52. Jimin BTS roon is the most crowded room
  53. Jimin BTS been put on moisturizer J-Hope until exhausted without the knowledge of J-Hope
  54. Jimin BTS upper secondary school in the same school with V BTS
  55. Jimin BTS first liked manga titled One Piece and caricatures Chuka Ichiban
  56. Jimin BTS Twitter account is ** not known
  57. All members BTS twit in https://twitter.com/bts_twt
  58. Jimin BTS Instagram account is ** not known
  59. Jimin BTS Contact Numb. is ** not known
  60. Jimin BTS Line ID is ** not known

Jimin BTS Latest Photo Collection

Here I will also provide the latest photos of Jimin BTS, such as Jimin BTS instagram photo, Jimin BTS  twitter photos, Jimin BTS images from google image, photograph facebook of Jimin BTS, and photographs of Jimin BTS more. So, Photo Jimin base stations that are here already quite full, all the photos Jimin BTS available here such as photos Jimin BTS as a child, photograph of Jimin BTS updates, photos of Jimin BTS without using Make Up, Jimin BTS photos before debut, photo of Jimin BTS before the famous, Jimin BTS photos when young, and photos of Jimin other base stations. super clear full, just please look-see the photos below.

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Jimin BTS Latest Photos in 2016

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Jimin BTS handsome photos

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Jimin BTS Profile and Recent Photos

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