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Kim Ye-rim - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos

Yeri that in the Korean language is written with 예리 is a Korean singer who was born on March 5, 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. Yeri born with the full name of Kim Ye-rim or in Korean ditulisan with 김예림, but he used the name as a stage name Yeri so until now known by the name Yeri himself alone, and not everyone knows the full name. Yeri has many nicknames, some people also call her Turle (hangul: 거북 기), Malgeumi (hangul: 말 그미), or Squirtle (hangul: 꼬부기). Yeri family, besides my father and mother, he also has three sisters, three sisters named Yeri Kim Yu Rim, Kim Ye Eun and Kim Chae Eun. Yeri is still very young, now he just around 17 years old, she now are still in high school, attended Hanlim Yeri Multi Art High School. Yeri already joined SM Entertainment and became student training since her are still in SD precisely when Yeri still in 5 th grade, ie in 2011, Yeri trained by SM Entertainment for about 4 years.

Currently Yeri has become a member of a group called Red Velvet. Red Velvet is a group of female singers who came from South Korea formed in 2014 by the record label SM Entertainment, the group originally consisted of four members, namely Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. and Yeri is a member which is inserted a few months later after the group released several albums. Red Velvet official debut on August 1, 2014, and on March 11, 2015 Yeri announced officially became a member of the Red Velvet. Yeri in the Red Velvet is a member of the youngest or commonly referred to as maknae, he became a member of the Red Velvet and replace Joy as Maknae, Yeri have a body that lush, Yeri and Irene age odds of 8 years, but when they are together they looks the same age or age difference was seen only a few years. Red Velvet is now very well known by many people, this happens because the songs from Red Velvet is very nice, plus members of her pretty ones making this group more famous. Red Velvet until now has also won numerous awards, the total is already more than 11 awards.

Yeri (Red Velvet) Complete Biography

Yeri is now already has fans very much, fans grew in number after he joined the Red Velvet, and various information about Yeri Red Velvet became the information requested, so I will now provide information about Bios Yeri Red Velvet Complete, please scrutiny ,

Yeri (Red Velvet) Profile and Bios

Full Name: Kim Ye-rim (김예림)
Stagename: Yeri (예리)
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Date of Birth: March 5, 1999
Occupation: Singer
Group: Red Velvet
Position: Maknae, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, and Dancer

Yeri (Red Velvet) Complete Facts

In addition to the above Bios, here I will also share some of Facts Yeri Red Velvet, I share this because Factual probably many of you who want to know anything else about this Yeri, such as Yeri date of birth, the cradle of Yeri, Yeri age, Yeri BBM PIN native, Yeri Line ID estate, Yeri instagram, Yeri facebook account, Yeri twitter account, religious affiliations of Yeri, Yeri residence, Yeri home address, Yeri lover / boyfriend, Yeri height, Yeri weight, Yeri blood type, any favorite of Yeri base stations, and various information about Yeri others. so just please refer to information on the Facts of Red Velvet Yeri Complete the following.
  1. The original name of Yeri is Kim Ye-rim (in the Korean language is written with 김예림)
  2. Stage name of Kim Ye-rim is Yeri (in the Korean language is written with 예리)
  3. Chinnese name of Yeri is Jin Yi Lin (金藝琳)
  4. Yeri was born in Seoul, South Korea
  5. Yeri was born on March 5, 1999
  6. Currently (2016)  has aged less than 17 years old
  7. Yeri has various nicknames
  8. Some nickname Yeri is Turle (거북 기), Malgeumi (말 그미), Squirtle (꼬부기)
  9. Yeri called Squirtle as similar to his character
  10. Yeri Zodiac is Pisces
  11. Yeri height is 158 cm
  12. Yeri body weight is 42 kg
  13. Yeri blood type is O
  14. Yeri favorite number is the number 17
  15. Yeri like character Hello Kitty
  16. Yeri favorite color is pink color
  17. Yeri favorite food is tuna Kimchi Fried Rice and Bread
  18. Every day, Yeri always eat bread
  19. Yeri is a cheerful person and nosy
  20. Yeri has 3 brothers
  21. Yeri sister named Kim Yu Rim, Kim Ye Eun and Kim Chae Eun
  22. Yeri like Ice Cream and Chocolate
  23. Ice Cream Chocolate and A Yeri is Stawberry
  24. Yeri ideal type is a person who cares about him and mannerful
  25. Yeri that people do not easily nervous
  26. Yeri was his lack expertise in cooking
  27. However Yeri can cook ramen and omelet
  28. Yeri is a member of the Red Vevet
  29. Red Velvet, Yeri is the youngest member
  30. Yeri announced to be members of the Red Velvet on March 11, 2015
  31. Age Yeri and Irene difference 8 years
  32. Not long after Yeri debut, he became an MC on "Music Core"
  33. Yeri joined by SM Entertainment in 2011
  34. Yeri represent the color purple
  35. Currently (2015), was in high school Yeri
  36. Yeri school in Hanlim Multi Art High School
  37. Irene considers Yeri like his own sister
  38. MV Red Velvet - Ice Cream which scenes to cut the cake, which is hand cut Yeri
  39. Yeri became Trainee SM Entertainment since he was 5 th grade
  40. Yeri Twitter account is @fairyfloss0305
  41. Yeri Instagram account  is @redvelvet.smtown @redvelvet_yeri
  42. Facebook account of Yeri is
  43. Yeri contact numb. is ** ??
  44. Line ID of Yeri is ** ??

Yeri (Red Velvet) Latest Photo Collection

Besides Profile, Bios and Facts Yeri Red Velvet, so that it becomes more complete article, here I will also share set Red Velvet Yeri, Yeri I took this photo from a variety of sources such as Photos of Yeri in MV Red Velvet, photos of Yeri From Instagram, Yeri Pictures from Twitter, Yeri image from Google Image, Pict of Yeri on Facebook, and Photos of Yeri a variety of other sources. so Yeri photo here already quite complete, and hopefully you can find a variety of photos Yeri, such as photos of Yeri Time of Child, Latest Photos of Yeri 2016, Yeri Photos Without Make Up, Yeri photo before the famous, Yeri photos when he was young, and photographs of Yeri others. so just for who wants to see the Photos of Red Velvet Yeri , please refer to the photos below.

Red Velvet Yeri Beautiful Photos Image Picture
Red Velvet Yeri Beautiful Photos Image Picture
Red Velvet Yeri Latest Photos in 2016
Red Velvet Yeri Latest Photos in 2016

Red Velvet Yeri Selca Photos
Red Velvet Yeri Selca Photos

Yeri (Red Velvet) Profile and Latest Photos

That's a wide range of information about Yeri of Red Velvet, information about Yeri Red Velvet I can give just enough up here, all I knew about the figure of Yeri this I wrote everything, so that's all from me, may be useful for everything and see you in the others article on Biotist Blog.
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