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Kim Seok Jin Bangtan Boys - Jin BTS Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos

Jin BTS is a South Korean Singer who was born in Gwacheon, South Korea on December 4, 1992, Jin BTS born with their full name Kim Seok Jin and now he is known by his stage name Jin. Jin is one member of a group of singers called BTS, and because it Jin is also known by the name Jin BTS.

BTS or Bangtan Boys is one group of male singers who came from South Korea, BTS first appeared in 2013 ago, when the BTS debut with their title track, entitled No More Dream. BTS is composed of seven members, one of which is BTS Jin, and 6 other members diantanya namely BTS Rap Monster, BTS J-Hope, BTS Jimin, BTS V, BTS Suga, and BTS Jungkook.

Before BTS debut, all members of BTS incoming trainee in advance, and Jin BTS has been located on trainee for three years, when a trainee member of BTS friends with Jin first is V or Kim Taehyung, they both have a lot of hobbies and preferences same , so it makes them closer and hitherto V BTS is a member of BTS the closest to Jin BTS. after 3 years of training Jin managed to become one of the members of the group this BTS, and the BTS, Jin is a member of the oldest among the other members.

Jin BTS is very fond of various issues related to food, the favorite dish Jin BTS namely Meat, Chicken, Lobster, Naengmyun and greasy food variety. Besides liked a lot of food, Jin BTS also really like cooking, dorm Jin BTS also assigned to cook, besides Jin BTS also want to have a good wife who is also a good cook. Jin BTS BTS is a chef, but all members of BTS BTS Jin said that the cuisine was always the same, but the J-Hope BTS said that seaweed soup dish was very tasty Jin BTS like concoction mothers.

Jin BTS Complete Biography

Various information about Jin BTS may be many who are looking for him, and if you are one of those people who are searching for information about this Jin BTS Bios please go see Jin BTS Complete Biography below.

Jin BTS Profile and Bios

First Name: Kim Seok Jin (김석진)
Stage name: Jin (진)
Place / Date of Birth: Gwacheon, South Korea / December 4, 1992
Occupation: Singer
Group: BTS or Bangtan Boys (방탄 소년단 / Bangtan Sonyeondan / Bulletproff Boy Scout)
Position: Vocal

Jin BTS Complete Facts

Perhaps list Jin BTS bio I have given above is not enough, and you still desire to know info about Jin BTS others, such as Jin BTS date of birth, the cradle of Jin BTS, Jin BTS age, Jin BTS BBM PIN native, Jin BTS Id Line estate, Jin BTS instagram account, Jin BTS facebook account, Jin BTS twitter account, religious affiliations of Jin BTS, Jin BTS residence, Jin BTS home address, Jin BTS lover / girlfriend, Jin BTS height, Jin BTS weight, Jin BTS blood type, any favorite of Jin BTS base stations, and various information about Jin BTS others, so here also I gave Facts Jin BTS Complete, hopefully with the facts that I gave Jin BTS can add Jin BTS information that you have, okay following the full facts Jin BTS.
  1. The original name of Jin BTS is Kim Seok Jin
  2. Jin BTS born in Gwacheon, South Korea
  3. Jin BTS born on December 4, 1992
  4. Currently (2016) Jin BTS has approximately 24 years old
  5. Jin BTS blood type is O
  6. Jin BTS weight is 60 kg (either now been increased or decreased)
  7. Jin BTS height is 179 cm (either now been increased how)
  8. Jin BTS favorite number is the number 4
  9. Jin BTS favorite color is pink color
  10. Jin BTS favorite food is lobster, meat, chicken, Naengmyun or cold noodles and greasy food
  11. Jin BTS that loves to cook
  12. Jin BTS Japanese fans want to call Jin Hime (Princess Jin)
  13. Jin BTS has a habit of mnengedipkan other eye when you feel hungry
  14. Jin BTS really liked the food
  15. Jin BTS also really like to see pictures of the food and variety of food recipes
  16. Jin BTS few could speak Chinese
  17. Jin BTS friends with Kidoh toppdogg (Jin HYOSANG)
  18. Jin BTS like the game Marple story and Super Mario
  19. Jin BTS items favourite is action figure Super Mario, action figure Marple story, and the Nintendo Game
  20. Jin Jimin BTS BTS and always go to the gym together
  21. Jin BTS like and often do aegyo
  22. Jin BTS and V BTS has a lot of the same hobbies
  23. Jin BTS choose V BTS as a member nearest
  24. Jin BTS and V BTS both like anime and this makes them both more intimate
  25. Jin BTS ideal wife Type is a woman who is a good cook and good
  26. Jin BTS wake up 2 hours earlier than the other members
  27. Terms of happiness according to Jin BTS is Money, People, and Places Quiet
  28. Jin BTS attended Konguk University Department of Film
  29. When Jin BTS talks about his childhood, Jungkook often do not understand much because of the age difference
  30. Jin BTS really like when the letter was sent by her fans
  31. When Jin BTS still in school, he was a quiet boy, but he never ate by himself
  32. Jin BTS family is father, mother and brother A
  33. Jin BTS like puppies
  34. When in the trainees, the first friend Jin ie V BTS BTS
  35. Jin BTS often delirious when she was sleeping
  36. Jin BTS in trainee for 3 years
  37. Jin BTS bad in the dance
  38. Jin BTS including people who are compassionate and also included members BTS humorous
  39. Jin BTS has a nice body
  40. Jungkook BTS jealous Jin BTS body, and he will be training hard to get a body like Jin
  41. In Dorm, Jin BTS assigned to cook
  42. Jin BTS Twitter account is ** not known
  43. All members BTS twit in https://twitter.com/bts_twt
  44. Jin BTS Instagram account  is ** not known
  45. Jin BTS contact numb. is ** not known
  46. Jin BTS Line ID is ** not known

Jin BTS Latest Photo Collection

Below I also provide a wide range of photo Jin BTS latest order articles on Jin BTS is to be complete, various photos Jin BTS from various sources such as Jin BTS instagram photos, Jin BTS twitter photos, pictures of Jin BTS from google image, Jin BTS facebook photo, and pictures of Jin BTS which were distributed here in full, so you may see different set of photos Jin BTS, such as Jin BTS photos as a child, photograph of Jin BTS updates, photos of Jin BTS without using Make Up, Jin BTS photos before debut, Jin BTS photo before the famous, Jin BTS photo while still young, and a variety of other photo of Jin BTS, okay just please refer to the Jin BTS Photos Latest below.

Jin BTS Latest Photos in 2016
Jin BTS Latest Photos in 2016

Jin BTS with Kim Taehyung BTS Photos
Jin BTS with Kim Taehyung BTS Photos

Photos Of Jin BTS with Jungkook BTS and Jimin BTS
Photos Of Jin BTS with Jungkook BTS and Jimin BTS

Image Of Jin BTS with Jungkook BTS
Image Of Jin BTS with Jungkook BTS

Jin BTS Funny Photos
Jin BTS Funny Photos

Picture of Jin BTS on Stage
Picture of Jin BTS on Stage

Jin BTS handsome photos latest
Jin BTS handsome photos latest

Jin BTS cute photos - Kim Seok Jin Bangtan Boys
Jin BTS cute photos - Kim Seok Jin Bangtan Boys

Jin BTS New Photos
Jin BTS New Photos

Photos of Jin BTS singin on the stage
Photos of Jin BTS singin on the stage

Jin BTS Profile and Latest Photos

That's a wide range of information about Jin BTS that I can give, hopefully the information about Bios and Photos Members BTS can help you all that are needed.
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