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J-Hope of BTS - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos of Bangtan Boys Jung Hoseok

BTS J-Hope is a singer rapper south Korea who are members of the group singer named BTS / Bangtan Boys, BTS J-Hope born in Gwangju, South Korea on February 18, 1994, BTS J-Hope is born and given the full name Jung Hoseok, but after getting into BTS, he used the stage name J-Hope, and up to now he was known as the BTS J-Hope. Before his debut with BTS, J-Hope has also had its own nickname, the Smile Hoya. J-Hope of BTS has a sister, and father of BTS J-Hope is a literature teacher.

BTS is a group of male singers south korea consisting of seven members, one of which is BTS J-Hope itself, and to the other 6 are BTS Jungkook, BTS V, BTS Jin, BTS Jimin, BTS Suga, and BTS Rap Monster, BTS has been established for a long time, but BTS debut in 2013 ago, the position of J-Hope in BTS is as Rapper and Leader Dance.

In the BTS, J-Hope regarded as a mother by the members of other base stations. J-Hope of BTS would not have thought in advance to make friends with somebody, he can change the atmosphere to be very pleasant, BTS V also never said that BTS J-Hope was like Doraemon, because J-Hope of BTS always find a solution for a variety of things.

J-Hope of BTS is an graduate of the academy rap and dance famous in Gwangju, some famous idol also many who once studied in this academy, for example Seungri of Big Bang, Yunho of TVXQ and 2NE1 Minzy. Before getting into the BTS, J-Hope is very famous in Gwangju dance underground, many people have known his name, even J-Hope this BTS also has had its own underground dance team.

J-Hope of BTS Complete Biography

Now these fans J-Hope BTS very much, and you may belong to one of them, a variety of information about J-Hope BTS sought by her fans, and here I provide a variety of information about Bios of J-Hope BTS Complete, please read.

J-Hope BTS Profile and Bios

First Name: Jung Hoseok (정호석)
Stage name: J-Hope (제이홉)
Place and Date of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, 18 February 1994
Occupation: Singer
Group: BTS or Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단 / Bangtan Sonyeondan / Bulletproff Boy Scout)
Position: Rapper, Dancer

J-Hope BTS Complete Facts

Various information about J-Hope BTS Bios I have given above might not be enough to make you feel satisfied, you may still want information about J-Hope BTS others, such as J-Hope BTS date of birth, the cradle of J-Hope BTS, J-Hope BTS age, J-Hope BTS BBM PIN native, J-Hope BTS Line Id estate, J-Hope BTS instagram, J-Hope BTS facebook account, J-Hope BTS twitter account, religious affiliations of J-Hope BTS, J-Hope BTS residence, J-Hope BTS home address, J-Hope BTS lover / girlfriend,  height, J-Hope BTS weight, J-Hope BTS blood type, any favorite of J-Hope BTS base stations, and various things about J-Hope BTS others, so here also I gave J-Hope BTS Complete Facts, with complete facts BTS J-Hope this will add your information about J-Hope this BTS. The following is a detail of Facts.
  1. BTS J-Hope real name is Jung Hoseok
  2. J-Hope of BTS born in Gwangju, South Korea
  3. J-Hope of BTS born on February 18, 1994
  4. Currently (2016) BTS J-Hope has more than 22 years old
  5. Favorite Color J-Hope BTS is Green
  6. J-Hope's favorite season is spring BTS
  7. Blood type of J-Hope BTS is A
  8. Favorite Number J-Hope BTS ie 7
  9. J-Hope BTS's father was a teacher of literature
  10. J-Hope BTS has a sister
  11. If J-Hope BTS already have a son, she would give him the name Huimang
  12. J-Hope BTS do not like to exercise or work
  13. Before debut, J-Hope BTS does not like doing aegyo
  14. Upon entry to the BTS, J-Hope BTS become like doing aegyo for fans
  15. J-Hope BTS entered in the same academy with BAP Zelo's rap and dance in Gwangju
  16. Idol famous alumni in this Academy is Minzy 2ne1, Seungri of Big Bang and TVXQ Yunho
  17. J-Hope BTS with BAP Youngjae JYP audition together
  18. J-Hope BTS worked with Jo Kwon 2am
  19. V said that J-Hope BTS was like Doraemon who always finds the solution of many things
  20. J-Hope BTS can be a pleasant change suana
  21. J-Hope BTS smart to make people laugh
  22. At BTS, J-Hope BTS is a Dance Leader
  23. Nickname J-Hope BTS before that Smile Hoya debut
  24. J-Hope and Jimin BTS BTS is the most intelligent member made of words on social media
  25. J-Hope BTS was very sensitive person and mawkish
  26. J-Hope BTS was very chatty person
  27. BTS members closest to J-Hope BTS is Jungkook
  28. When small J-Hope BTS aspires to become a singer
  29. When J-Hope BTS has a problem he will tell you to Rap Monster or Suga
  30. All members agreed that the BTS BTS J-Hope is a member of the most welcoming and friendly
  31. J-Hope BTS wants to call his Japanese fans Sugoi J-Hope
  32. When you're tense, J-Hope BTS will see the sky
  33. When he was setress, J-Hope BTS will be smoothed his action figure
  34. J-Hope BTS love dogs
  35. J-Hope BTS has a dog named Mickey
  36. Of all the members BTS, J-Hope and Suga is a member of the most poorly when drawing
  37. For J-Hope BTS, the most important thing is Charger
  38. 3 conditions of happiness for J-Hope BTS ie Family, Health Care Pro, and Love
  39. J-Hope BTS has an oval face
  40. Long faces J-Hope BTS at 27 cm
  41. J-Hope BTS always write the lyrics every day
  42. J-Hope BTS often to fancafe to know what you are talking about fans
  43. J-Hope BTS habits during sleep is often groped her own
  44. J-Hope BTS is very famous in the underground dance Gwangju
  45. J-Hope first BTS also has underground dance team
  46. Type J-Hope ideal woman is someone who loves him BTS, both in terms of cooking, reading lots of books, and most importantly just love her.
  47. J-Hope BTS love food that have many colors and toppings
  48. J-Hope BTS one room with V and Jimin in Dorm
  49. J-Hope BTS Twitter account is ** not known
  50. All members BTS twit in https://twitter.com/bts_twt
  51. J-Hope BTS Instagram account  is ** not known
  52. J-Hope BTS contact numb. is ** not known
  53. J-Hope BTS Line ID is ** not known

J-Hope of BTS Latest Photo Collection

Biography and facts Complete of J-Hope BTS I have given above, but is still not complete if there are no pictures of the J-Hope BTS, so below I give Photos of J-Hope BTS, such as instagram photos of J-Hope BTS, J-Hope BTS twitter photos, pictures of J-Hope BTS from google image, J-Hope BTS facebook photos, Photos of J-Hope BTS as a child, photos of J-Hope BTS updates, photos of J-Hope BTS without using Make Up, J-Hope BTS photos before the debut, photos of J-Hope BTS before the famous, J-Hope BTS photos while still young, and Photographs others, so make it curious to see the latest photos of J-Hope BTS please just look set Recent Photos of J- Hope BTS below.

J-Hope Cool Photos wearing a hat and necklace
J-Hope Cool Photos wearing a hat and necklace

J-Hope Latest Photos wearing a hat and mask
J-Hope Latest Photos wearing a hat and mask

J-Hope BTS Photos with V BTS
J-Hope BTS Photos with V BTS

J-Hope BTS Selca or Selfie Photos
J-Hope BTS Selca or Selfie Photos

J-Hope BTS Handsome Picture Latest
J-Hope BTS Handsome Picture Latest

J-Hope BTS Latest Image Picture
J-Hope BTS Latest Image Picture

J-Hope BTS - Jung Hoseok Bangtan Boys Latest Photos
J-Hope BTS - Jung Hoseok Bangtan Boys Latest Photos

J-Hope BTS - Jung Hoseok Bangtan Boys Cute Photos
J-Hope BTS - Jung Hoseok Bangtan Boys Cute Photos

J-Hope BTS New Photos in 2016
J-Hope BTS New Photos in 2016

J-Hope BTS Wearing a Mask Latest Pict
J-Hope BTS Wearing a Mask Latest Pict

J-Hope of BTS Profile and Latest Photos

The numerous reviews about J-Hope, all of J-Hope of BTS I know I have written above, so to articles J-Hope BTS Profile Bios Fact and More I ended up here. bye in other article Bios and photos.
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