Qri (T-ara) Profile, Photos, Fact, Bio and More

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Qri (T-ara) - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos of Lee Ji-hyun

Qri or in the Korean language is written with 큐리 adaah a singer and dancer who comes from South Korea, Qri or that have a real name Lee Ji Hyun (이지현) was born on the same date with Eunjung ie on December 12, just Qri this more few years older than Eunjung, Qri was born in 1986 while Eunjung was born in 1988. Qri born in Goyang, South Korea, and as I have previously Report Error, Qri birth name is Lee Ji Hyun, but now it's not everyone knows her real name, and most people only knew him by name Qri.

Qri is one member of a group of women from south korea named T-ara. T-ara is a girl band south korea formed by Core Contents Media in 2009, originally T-ara is composed of 5 members, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Jiae, and Jiwon, but before the debut of two members (Jiwon and Jiae ) resigned, and Core Contents Media added thereto and the three members of T-ara to 6 members. 3 members are added to the Boram, Soyeon and the latter added that Lee Ji Hyun or Qri. T-ara debuted with six members in 2009 and brings the song called "Lies". T-ara over time is also becoming increasingly popular, until in 2013 then formed a sub-group of T-ara, which was first introduced was T-ara N4 whose members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Dani, and the second is QBs whose memberts Qri, Boram and Soyeon, QBS is a sub-group T-ara targeting the Japanese market.

Qri (T-ara) Complete Biography

Besides expert in singing and dancing, Qri also can act, therefore he also studied acting. Qri until now has also played in several plays and films, the film plays is a movie called Gosa / Death Bell 2 in 2010 and Gisaeng Ghost in 2011, while the drama plays namely "Sweet Temptation" role as Qri, "King Geunchogo" role as Princess Yeojin Bu, "Giant", "Soutern Trader Updates Kim Chul Soo's" role as Lee Kyung, "Master of Study", and "Queen Seon Duk" role as Princess Young Mo. Plays and films Qri This I know from a source, may also Qri still play drama filmed and others that are not in my knowledge. Okay for you who want to know some information about the Bios of T-ara Qri have simply just see his complete bio that I share below

Qri (T-ara) Profile and Bios

Full Name: Lee Ji-hyun (이지현)
Nickname: Qri (큐리)
Place of Birth: Goyang, South Korea
Date of Birth: December 12, 1986
Occupation: Singer, and Actress
Group: T-ara
Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Movies of Qri (T-ara)

  • Gisaeng Ghost (2011)
  • Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010)

Drama of Qri (T-ara)

  • Sweet Temptation (Black Holliday) (2015)
  • King Geunchogo (2011)
  • Giant (2010)
  • Southern Trader Kim Chul Soo's Updates (2010)
  • Bubi Bubi (2010)
  • Master of Study (2010)
  • Queen Seon Deok (2009)

Qri (T-ara) Complete Facts

Some information about Bios of Qri I have given is, but maybe the info Profile of Qri that I have given is still lacking, and you still want information about Qri of T-ara others, such as Qri date of birth, the cradle of Qri, Qri age, Qri BBM PIN native, Qri Line ID estate, Qri instagram, Qri facebook account, Qri twitter account, religious affiliations of Qri, Qri residence, Qri home address, Qri lover / boyfriend,  height, Qri weight, Qri blood type, any favorite Qri base stations, and various information about Qri others. So here too I give full facts of Qri, which may increase your knowledge about this Qri figure. okay here's a fact of Qri Complete.
  1. The original name of  is Lee Ji-hyun (in the Korean language is written with 이지현)
  2. Stage name of  is Qri (in the Korean language is written with 큐리)
  3. Qri was born in Goyang, South Korea
  4. Qri was born on December 12, 1986
  5. Currently (2016) Qri has aged less than 30 years
  6. The date and month of birth Qri same with T-ara's Eunjung
  7. Qri zodiac is Sagittarius
  8. Qri height is 162 cm
  9. Qri body weight is 44 kg
  10. Qri has a mole on his nose
  11. Qri like animal skin patterns
  12. Qri have clothes with motifs of animals, such as leopards, zebras and cows
  13. Favorite color of Qri is gold color and baby pink
  14. Qri like objects bernana bling-bling
  15. Favorite drink of Qri is ice americano
  16. A dress is a wedge Qri her performance
  17. Qri not too happy with Sports
  18. Qri like Harajuku and Cosplay
  19. Some habits like habits Eunjung Qri
  20. Qri often slept wherever
  21. Qri waist size is 23 cm
  22. Qri hip size is 37 cm
  23. As a child, became a model wig Qri
  24. Qri the type of person who shy
  25. Qri was in high school Juyeob
  26. Qri lecture at Myungji University
  27. Qri entered the same university with Boram
  28. Qri is a member of T-ara last entered after discharge Jiwon and Jiae
  29. Qri is a member of the sub-group T-ara named QBS along with Boram and Soyeon
  30. Before getting into T-ara, Qri is a model of
  31. Qri position in T-ara is as Vocalist and Dancer
  32. Many argue that it is similar to Qri face doll
  33. Qri have beautiful eyes
  34. Qri became leader T-ara to 6 (counting started before the T-ara's debut, since it was headed by Jiae)
  35. Qri been a leader since 2013
  36. Qri one room with Jeon Boram
  37. Qri very neat desk in his room, while very messy desk Boram
  38. MV T-ara entitled Cry Cry, Qri and Jiyeon is the primary role
  39. In Drama Giant, Qri participate together Soyeon
  40. Jiyeon said, Qri was lazy when invited to the streets
  41. Jiyeon and other members Qri not think that Koreans
  42. Qri ideal type is Hwan hee
  43. We Got Married dated August 20, Qri, Soyeon, and Jiyeon Hwan Hee visited her new home T-ara's Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo
  44. Qri feel embarrassed when Hwan hee appears
  45. All the members of T-ara trying to make Qri with Hwan hee became a couple
  46. Qri Twitter account is @QriPretty
  47. Instagram account of T-ara Qri is @qtfreet
  48. Qri contact numb. is **
  49. Line ID of Qri is **
  50. BBM PIN of Qri is **

Qri (T-ara) Latest Photo Collection

In order for articles about Qri is more complete again, below I also give various latest photographs of Qri, where the photos I got from various sources such as Photos of Qri in MV T-ara, photos of Qri From Instagram, Qri Pictures from Twitter, Qri image from Google Image, Pict of Qri on Facebook, and Photos of Qri a variety of other sources. So with this I hope you can get a variety latest photos of Qri member of T-ara, such as photos of Qri Time of Child, Latest Photos of Qri 2016, Qri Photos Without Make Up, Qri photo before the famous, Qri photos when he was young, and photographs of Qri others. Various photos of Qri shared here, so just look at some of Qri Latest Photos below.\

Qri of T-ara Photos on MV T-ara - So Crazy 2016
Qri of T-ara Photos on MV T-ara - So Crazy 2016
Qri of T-ara Latest Photos on MV T-ara - Hide & Seek
Qri of T-ara Latest Photos on MV T-ara - Hide & Seek

Qri of T-ara Photos on MV T-ara - Number Nine
Qri of T-ara Photos on MV T-ara - Number Nine

Qri (T-ara) Profile and Latest Photos

That is some information about Qri members of T-ara that I can give, I hope the article on Biography, Profile, Photos, and the fact it can help all of you who are looking for this information, Thank you want to visit and read this article until the end and good-bye again with me in other articles, which of course only in Biotist Blog.
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