Jeon Boram (T-ara) Profile, Photos, Fact, Bio and More

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Jeon Boram of T-ara - Profile, Fact, Biography, and Photos

Jeon Boram or that we now know as T-ara Boram is a singer and dancer who comes from south korea, Jeon Boram is a member of the Korean girl group T-ara named. In Group T-ara's Jeon Boram is a member of the oldest of the members of the other he was born on March 22, 1986, but despite the age of the oldest Jeon Boram visible member of the most young, perhaps because his face is cute and stature petite.

As I said earlier, T-ara Jeon Boram was born on March 22, 1986, so now (2016) Boram age of about 30 years. Jeon Boram this is where the singer that he was a descendant of the famous artist in Korea, Boram's father was a famous singer in the 70s named Jeon Youngrok while his mother is an artist, he was named Lee Mi Young. Not only that, even Boram named Grandpa and Grandma Boram Hwang Hae named Baek Sul Hee was also a singer, so the family Boram is a large family of artists who are already famous, and Boram is the 3rd generation of a family of famous artists, with T- ara he is very famous in the world. Boram also has a younger sister named Wooram.

Jeon Boram T-ara Complete Biography

T-ara is a group of female singers who came from South Korea, T-ara was formed in the year 2009 by the record label Core Contents Media, T-ara was originally formed of five members, but two members have resigned, and T-ara add 3 more members, one of which is this Boram, T-ara became has 6 members, in mid-2010, T-ara members again added back, ie Hwayoung which makes members of T-ara to 7 people. Hwayoung not long in T-ara and came out in 2012. T-ara also add two more members, namely Dani and Areum, but Dani only appears on sub-unit T-ara N4 while Areum out in 2013 ago. So the T-ara members today is Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon.

Before Boram joined the girl group T-ara he had long dancing and singing, he also has issued an album and single titled From Memory and Lucifer Project Vol 1, in addition to singing and dancing Boram has also entered the world of acting, she has been included in various kind of movie, drama and more ads. Boram T-ara entered into in 2009, and in 2010 Boram was named a leader T-ara formerly led by Eunjung.

Jeon Boram T-ara Profile and Bios

Okay, for you who are curious about the figure of Jeon Boram T-ara members have please refer to the information about the Profile bios and Biography of Jeon Boram (T-ara) complete the following:
Full Name: Jeon Bo ram (전보람)
Nickname: Boram, Rambbo
Date of Birth: March 22, 1986
Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model
Group: T-ara
  • Jeon Youngrok (Father)
  • Lee Mi Young (Mother)
  • Wooram (Sister)
  • Hwang Hae (Grandfather)
  • Baek Sul Hee (Grandma)

Jeon Boram of T-ara Complete Facts

Here also I gave some facts Jeon Boram T-ara I get from various sources, I share this because it may update the Jeon Boram T-ara Bios above is still very lacking, you still want to know information Jeon Boram T-ara others like Jeon Boram T-ara date of birth, the cradle of Jeon Boram T-ara, Jeon Boram T-ara age, Jeon Boram T-ara BBM PIN native, Jeon Boram T-ara Line Id estate, Jeon Boram T-ara instagram username, Jeon Boram T-ara facebook account, Jeon Boram T-ara twitter account, religious affiliations of Jeon Boram T-ara, Jeon Boram T-ara residence, Jeon Boram T-ara home address, Jeon Boram T-ara lover / girlfriend, Jeon Boram T-ara height, Jeon Boram T-ara weight, Jeon Boram T-ara blood type, any favorite of Jeon Boram T-ara base stations, and various information about Jeon Boram T-ara others. So for those of you who are curious to figure Jeon Boram T-ara's just go see Jeon Boram T-ara Facts Complete the following.
  1. Full name of T-ara Boram is Jeon Boram
  2. Jeon Boram nickname is Boram
  3. Jeon Boram is also often called with name Rambbo
  4. Jeon Boram was born on March 22, 1986
  5. Age Jeon Boram currently (2016) is about 30 years old
  6. Boram height is 155cm (now may have increased)
  7. Boram weight is 46kg (now can be increased or decreased)
  8. Blood type T-ara Jeon Boram is A
  9. Jeon Boram is a descendant of the famous Korean artist
  10. Jeon Boram father was a singer
  11. T-ara Jeon Boram Father's name is Jeon Youngrok
  12. Jeon Boram mother is an artist who is already well-known south korea
  13. T-ara Jeon Boram Mother named Lee Mi Young
  14. Boram has a younger sister named Jeon Wooram
  15. Jeon Boram's grandmother named Baek Sul Hee
  16. Grandpa name of T-ara Jeon Boram is Hwang Hae
  17. Favorite Band Jeon Boram, A & F
  18. Jeon Boram favorite color is yellow
  19. Dad wants Jeon Boram Boram ber solo career
  20. Jeon Boram is a member of T-ara's oldest
  21. Although most parents, but in T-ara's Jeon Boram is a member of the most short / petite
  22. T-ara Jeon Boram liked the food
  23. In T-ara's Boram get the nickname Queen Spot
  24. Jeon Boram T-ara also like Cameras, Books and Cream
  25. In 2010, Boram was chosen to be the Leader T-ara Eunjung replace
  26. Prior to joining T-ara's Jeon Boram has issued Single and Album
  27. Besides singing, Jeon Boram has also starred in several movies and Drama
  28. The first time debut with T-ara's Jeon Boram be shy when in front of the camera
  29. Jeon Boram T-ara lecture on the same campus with T-ara Qri
  30. Subject Jeon Boram T-ara in Myungji University
  31. T-ara Jeon Boram also one room with T-ara Qri
  32. T-ara's Soyeon and T-ara Boram often nicknamed Tom and Jerry
  33. Jeon Boram is a member of T-ara easiest cry
  34. Before debut, Jeon Boram T-ara managed to lose weight up to 20kg
  35. Table Jeon Boram T-ara was very messy
  36. T-ara Jeon Boram experts make a roasted chicken
  37. T-ara Jeon Boram also experts to draw Manga
  38. If about Anime, Jeon Boram T-ara like One Piece
  39. T-ara Jeon Boram liked or the Pokemon Pikachu
  40. T-ara Jeon Boram want him to grow taller
  41. T-ara Jeon Boram is a fan of Johnny Depp
  42. According Soyeon, T-ara members whose skin the most good is Jeon Boram
  43. T-ara Jeon Boram Twitter account is ** not known
  44. T-ara Jeon Boram Instagram account  is ** not known
  45. T-ara Jeon Boram contact numb. is ** not known
  46. Line ID of Jeon Boram T-ara is ** not known

Jeon Boram T-ara Latest Photo Collection

In addition to bio and facts Jeon Boram T-ara above, the following are also I gave some to the Photos of T-ara Jeon Boram, as a complementary course, these photos I got from various sources such as photos of Jeon Boram T-ara From Instagram, Jeon Boram T-ara Pictures from Twitter, Jeon Boram T-ara image from Google Image, Pict of Jeon Boram T-ara on Facebook, and Photos of Jeon Boram T-ara a variety of other sources. So with this I hope you can get a variety latest photos of Jeon Boram T-ara, such as photos of Jeon Boram T-ara Time of Small, Latest Photos of Jeon Boram T-ara 2016, Jeon Boram T-ara Photos Without Make Up, Jeon Boram T-ara photo before the famous, Jeon Boram T-ara photos when he was young, and photographs of Jeon Boram T-ara others. So just for you who want to see the beauty Jeon Boram T-ara this please see the set of Recent Photos Jeon Boram T-ara Complete the following.

T-ara Jeon Boram Latest Photos Picture Image on MV So Crazy - T-ara 2016
T-ara Jeon Boram Latest Photos Picture Image on MV So Crazy - T-ara 2016

T-ara Jeon Boram Photos on MV T-ara - Sexy Love
T-ara Jeon Boram Photos on MV T-ara - Sexy Love

T-ara Jeon Boram Cute and Beautiful on MV T-ara - Number 9
T-ara Jeon Boram Cute and Beautiful on MV T-ara - Number 9

Jeon Boram T-ara Profile and Latest Photos

That's a wide range of information about Profile, Biography, Photos, Facts of Jeon Boram T-ara Newest and Most Complete, hopefully article about T-ara Member may be useful for all of them, thank you for want to read this blog Biotist article.
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